Our tees are made in China, the leader in hemp cultivation and processing, and a place we settled on after much research and conversation with many mills and manufacturers. We deal with one company which handles the entire process from growing to sewing. All of their factories (weaving, cutting, sewing & shipping) are powered predominantly by solar energy.  The organic fabric they provide us (our tees are a blend of 55% Hemp & 45% Organic Cotton) is certified OCS and GOTS compliant.  They are also a member of the Fair Wear Association, an independent non-profit organization that works with factories to improve labour conditions for garment workers and conducts regular audits.  The company provides medical benefits, safety insurance, regular salary raises, vacation days, and community building.
If you want further info on these standards and associations check out these websites:
We chose China as they had the facilities and manpower to produce the quantities we needed, and all processes could be performed in one place, minimising emissions created by shipping stock or fabric around the world. Our final realised order is shipped by sea freight, the most carbon efficient form of transporting goods, from China to us in Auckland, New Zealand.
Our orders are packed and shipped out from our office in Central Auckland.  Our orders are sent out in recyclable cardboard boxes and very occasionally in compostable (home & commercial) mailers if the order is too large to fit in a box.
We choose to use hemp for a number of environmental reasons including, but not limited to: its carbon sequestering talents, its lower use of water needed to grow, its need to be washed less due to its antimicrobial properties (it doesn't get smelly!), and its strength of fibre, meaning it will last far longer than other fabrics.
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If you have any further questions regarding our products, please shoot us an email at hello@buddybuddy.co.nz. We'd be glad to discuss.